Delivery Partners Policy

Delivery Partner Rate Card and Responsibilities Policy

Effective Date: 01-06-2024

1. Rate Card for Delivery Partners:

  • Delivery partners will be compensated based on the following rate structure:
    • Distance: Rs. 4 per kilometer
    • Time: Rs. 0.35 per minute

2. Key Responsibilities of Delivery Partners:

  • Timely Delivery: Ensuring prompt delivery of orders within the designated timeframe.
  • Order Accuracy: Verifying order details and ensuring correct items are delivered.
  • Customer Interaction: Maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor when interacting with customers.
  • Contact Attempts: In case of delivery failure, making up to 5 contact attempts with the customer:
    • Call Attempts: Place up to 5 phone calls to the customer.
    • WhatsApp Messaging: If the customer is available on WhatsApp, send messages to notify them about the delivery attempt.
    • Normal Messaging: Utilize SMS or other messaging services as necessary for contact attempts.
  • Return to Store: If no response is received after exhausting contact attempts, return the undelivered order to the store with the package intact.

3. Calculation of Delivery Fees:

  • Delivery fees will be calculated based on the actual distance traveled and the time taken for delivery:
    • Distance Charge: Rs. 4 per kilometer
    • Time Charge: Rs. 0.35 per minute

4. Delivery Confirmation:

  • Obtain customer’s signature and take a photo of the delivered order in the delivery portal before marking the delivery as complete.

5. Training and Onboarding Procedures:

  • Training Videos: Delivery partners must complete training videos available on our portal.
  • Documentation: Submit required documents via email or WhatsApp to during the application process.
  • Onboarding Fee: A one-time onboarding fee of Rs. 50 will be charged to delivery partners upon successful onboarding.

6. Contact Information:

  • For any inquiries or clarifications regarding this policy, please contact us at or call 080 6964 0866.

This policy outlines the rate structure for delivery partners, their responsibilities during delivery, training and onboarding procedures, and contact protocols. It aims to ensure efficient service delivery while maintaining quality standards and customer satisfaction.

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